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Sawada TsunayoshiEdit

Sawada Tsunayoshi's Family
Iemitsu Sawada
Nana Sawada
Fuuta (Known episode 1 of season 2)

Tsuna is the 10th Generation Boss of the Vongola Family. With his best friends, Yamamoto, Gokudera and Reborn. He is trained to be a Vongola Boss. His right-hand-man (Like) Gokudera calls him JUDAIME!-Tenth

Xanxus was supposed to be the tenth because the 9th said so, In Roman Numbers, X means 10th. It is noticed when Tsuna replaced Lambo to fight Xanxus where the Varia were fighting with the Vongola Rings.

The truth is, Xanxus had no blood relations with the Vongolas--

His fear is Hibari and Haru. Haru, because she is so giddy with him, Hibari, he is very violent to every Namimori Middle School Student.And also, Reborn, because he (Reborn) was mean to him (Tsuna).

In the future, he smashes the rings because he doesn't want the Varia after them.(Ten years later).

The main point of chapter 100~280 is that the future Tsuna had died and Reborn also. The remaining Arcobaleno was Lal Mirch, Sawada's at the moment tutor. In around chapter 200~ then Tsuna faced the boss of the moment, Byakuran.

Reborn, his home-tutor is a very smart infant, but Tsuna doesn't understand.In fact, Reborn was a normal adult man but because he became an arcobaleno so his body shrunk (like an infant)

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